Presentation ”Symposium of Contemporary Figurative Art”

Presentation ''Symposium of Contemporary Figurative Art''

At the “Bottega degli artisti” in Rome on March 22, 2017 took place the presentation of the “Symposium of Contemporary Figurative Art” to be held during the month of May by Crazy March and Coltivazioni Culturali.
“In the digital age of new artistic languages and virtual accessibility, the revitalization of the physicality of the artistic event. Thus was born the Symposium of Contemporary Figurative Art: fusion of training, conviviality and residential, shared between students and art teachers. As in the classical age, as in the Renaissance. A new cultural product that debuted in the name of two great teachers: Roberto Ferri and Giorgio Dante. A week of classes, study, practice but also the daily life of the ancient Tuscan walls and walks in the woods and debate with the artists to discover the local blooms.
The study, the genesis of the art form, the teachings in everyday life. The scanning of man hours, including gestures and works. The passage of time in the world, between dawn and dark night. The vigil and sleep. The convivial rituals, sharing food and drink, education discussion. The myth and the beauty of the classical age. The creative vortex of thought and technical care. The fervor of the Renaissance art workshop. The spell of nature and the explosion of the senses. ”
The Symposium will take place from May 29 to June 4, 2017 at the estate “Terre Brune” (GR), the Albegna valley between the hills of Maremma and the ancient volcano of Mount Amiata.