Adriano Fida

Adriano Fida

Adriano Fida wasborn in Reggio Calabria on 1978. He lives and works in Rome.

Trained at Accademiadelle Belle Arti in Reggio Calabria – in which he gained his personal artistic research born through the study of the greatest masters of the past -, Fida improved his style in Torino with the fresco tecnique, with the master SilvanoGilardi (Abacuc) and, after several detailed studies on the matter, he has been judged and chosen for the creation of the new fresco inside the MACAM in Maglione (TO).
In artist’s paintings we can find the deep love for his native land and his culture of Hellenistic derivation (Magna Grecia), putting at the center of the creative process the man and his history in symbiosis with nature and divine.
From still life, allegory of earth mother and of man tied to fruit life cycle, to portrait, in which the author tells the story of Twentieth Century icons revisited in a modern key; until the myth, whose reinterpretation is based on raising the common man, represented on paintings with divine image. The illustrated themes, in which Fida’s production is articulated, show more than one common denominator, both from an allegorical and technical point of view. Here the artist, with an enviable cultural knowledge based also on the art of fresco, practices his academic studies which have deep roots in Flemish and Caravaggio’s painting,  until modern art. Though coming from a classical basis, he doesn’t detach from modern painting, in which he arrives thanks to the deep connection to matter, throughout he includes, from an iconographical point of view, anatomies of nature.

In Luigi Tallarico’s critique, Fida’s painting is described in this way: “It’s not physical and natural light, the one physicists talk about and not even the one which tempted mystics, but the organizing principle of art, so that Fida’s “operation of hand” moves from seeing to feeling, knowing that van Gogh felt within himself “yellow leaves falling down, without seeing them”.


He exhibited at Galleria l’Agostiniana in Piazza del Popolo and at MACRO in Rome; at Castello Maschio Angioino in Napoli; Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Firenze; Affordable Art Fair in Milano. From June to October 2015 he was selected by Vittorio Sgarbi for the exhibition Expo Arte Italianaas part of Expo Milano 2015 and won the first prize in painting. In 2016 he exhibited at Flangini Palace in Venice with the solo exhibition “Mythomorphosis”

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