Crazy March Gallery

The Crazy March Gallery was born from Simona Gatto’s idea with the aim to showcase a new virtual space dedicated to figurative and surreal artThis is to give a landmark for all figurative contemporary art lovers; interviews, meeting, workshop and exhibitions will create a virtual and concrete meeting with the artists and theirs artworks. It is a way to bring the art in our self and let us surrender by the thrills it’s generated.

fall in love with a work of art intoxicate our hearts and make our minds crazy”…

 What do you expect from Crazy March? 

We can only let us go into it and try to feel all the emotions it gives you, one by one.
The Crazy March Gallery truly believes in figurative arts, in the knowledge and strong technique capabilities of our artists; where all feelings, emotions, pains and happiness are shown in a contemporary way as we live in a world where we seek a refuge in a dream… “Technique, passion, refuge and release”
The Crazy March will also reserve an important photography art space which will give an immortalized frame, got for the eternity, taken by the deep soul and wide eyes of the artists.
There are not contaminations between art and photography; they will leading by it self but at the same time they will have a journey together to highlight each other,theirs difference will became a power.



Simona Gatto
Crazy March Gallery Manager